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The following is the comment policy of for the website, a presentation of Rocque More Media, LLC. While we are aiming to bring Black Twitter together, a few rules will be enforced throughout the site to ensure this is a safe, enjoyable place for everyone.

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No Soliciting

Yes, we love black-owned businesses, but linking to third-party businesses/events/etc. in a comment is discouraged. If you are an owner or representative of a business, and would like to have it featured on Good Morning Black Twitter, please contact the production team using the contact form located at the bottom of the About page.

Keep It Cute

We all know Black Twitter is used to very colorful jokes, however, language that is derogatory, abusive, or otherwise offensive in nature will be deleted (please use your better judgment).

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

It’s a given that certain topics will inspire way more dialogue than others. People get passionate. That being said, please try to keep your comment to a reasonable length. We love a good debate, too, but this ain’t the place to defend your dissertation.

Find Some Chill

Speaking of passionate debates, we all get flustered some times, but please remember to argue in good faith. Ad hominem attacks, or otherwise posting abusive messages to other commenters, will result in deletion of your comment.

If You See Something, Say Something

We want to foster a community, and empower our community members to flag any comment that is abusive or otherwise violates this policy.

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