S1 E23: Creep

airdate: 23 September 2016

Socially awkward experiences on Twitter are bound to happen, but some are creepier than others. Genie talks about some of her creepier experiences, along with mourning summer and shunning any further discussion of Nate Parker and Birth of a Nation.. What’s your creepiest experience?

Show Transcript
Is it Friday? OMG, It’s Friday! Happy Friday, Black Twitter, how you doing?
It’s yours truly, Genie Lauren, here to help you close out another week, in style, darling.

Today, I tweet for anyone who was invited to a corporate event but didn’t go because they had to be in bed by 8:30 PM.

Was that you? GIIIIIIIIIRLUH. GIRL. That was me.

And, I was tired. Like, why is this party so late?

And, really, I actually kinda wanted to go. I would’ve just made a cameo appearance, but it was on a boat. And, I would’ve been trapped on a boat, for who knows how long. And then, I’d have gotten home late. . . and gotten no sleep. . . and we wouldn’t have today’s episode of Good Morning Black Twitter.
So! All’s well that ends well.

Speaking of endings, summer’s over. It’s the first day of fall and, I just really want to cry.
I hate cold weather. I hate having to wear clothes. And, now I’m gonna have more cold weather, and more clothes. I HATE EVERYTHING!

Speaking of hating everything, remember when I said we were gonna be talking about Nate Parker until this movie came out?


[clip from episode 6]

That, ladies and gentleman, is from episode 6 of Good Morning Black Twitter. Taped on the 24th of August in the year of our LORDT 2016. And, here we are almost a month later, talking about Nate Parker and Birth of a Nation because people can’t just take their ball and go.

Take your ball and go, bruh. Make your decision in peace. Because I will not be guilted or trolled into seeing that damn movie. It’s not happening. Even if Nate Parker did buy NBC. I promise y’all I don’t even want to talk about Nate Parker anymore, I just really need people who insist on saying shit like “they don’t want you to see Birth of a Nation”, to let. It. Go.


Now. . . onto other business, shall we?

Since we’re walking down memory lane, remember when I was talking about twitter peeves? Okay, so at one point, one of my twitter peeves was people living in my mentions. Cuz see like, what I had thought had happened was that people were just going to my profile and reading everything ever mentioned to me, ever. . . and then faving and RT-ing and replying to stuff at will.


But, what someone helped me realize is, people are simply seeing my tweet, and then reading the replies to my tweet, and faving, retweeting, and replying to the replies.

Y’all, I feel so much better about humanity, right now, you don’t even know.

20 points for Griffindor, and I am a smidge less misanthropic today than I was yesterday. Because, *Whew* I really thought y’all were creepy. Don’t act like there aren’t creepy people on Twitter.

You ever have that new follower that just goes back through your timeline and faves everything you say? Or that person who constantly follows and unfollows you mad times.

Like, are you in or out, bruh?

They follow. . . they unfollow. Then, they follow. . . and, then they unfollow. And, I just wanna @ em like. . .


Y’all turning me into my mother, and I don’t even have no damn kids. SMH

Oh, and it’s extra creepy when people also have creepy avatars, and respond mad late to tweets you weren’t even serious about. . . and, you don’t even know how to respond, so you never respond. . . but they never stop tweeting you. . .

Y’all. . . You think, somewhere in America, the killer is on Twitter right now. . . putting lotion on one of your tweets. . .

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever experienced on Twitter? You know where to speak on it. . . in the comments on goodmorningblacktwitter.com, OR. . . if you’re not creepy. . . get at me on Twitter @gmbtshow. . . I might wanna hear from you today, after I close my gate and put on the alarm system.

And, remember, whether you’re watching or listening to the show, subscribe and rate it. I’d appreciate it.

I hope you have a great weekend. Don’t do anything that I would do. And, I’ll see you back here on Monday!! Good Morning, Black Twitter!

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