S1 E24: Hashtag Live-Tweet

airdate: 26 September 2016

Genie dishes on the block party thrown by HBO for Issa Rae’s new show “Insecure”, and dives into Hollywood’s fear of live-tweeting. Have you watched Insecure? Do you live-tweet? Join the discussion.

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Okay, so. . . today, I want to tweet for the Twitter class of 2008. As in, if you were on Twitter #beforeOprah, I tweet for you. We were here at the beginning of hashtags. We were here back when you had to copy and paste a tweet to RT, and we were here to see the dawning of the live-tweet.

Do you remember the first thing you ever live-tweeted? I think it had to be an awards show. I mean, I feel like live-tweeting wasn’t solidified as a THING until Scandal came around, and then that really became the blueprint for appointment TV, social media engagement, and live-tweeting. . . but, people were watching shows and tweeting about those shows long before Scandal showed up in 2012.

Can we also acknowledge that Black Twitter really owns the live-tweet?

I mean, we’re disproportionately represented on Twitter anyway, but when Black Twitter live tweets something, it trends. Consistently.

I don’t know what other kind of cultural and ethnic groups there are on Twitter, but Black Twitter moves in silence like lasagna. . .

I mean. . . not really, but. . . you know what I’m saying.

So, bust how I’m online, I’m reading the tweets . . . as I’m wont to do, and I get put onto this interview that the Hollywood Reporter has with 17 showrunners.

All white

They asked these showrunners to complete the sentence “Live tweeting is blank”

And, some of the answers are


Boring to me

A garbage idea perpetuated by garbage people. Watch the show, enjoy the show, Twitter will still be there when you finish. “Unless my employers demand that I live tweet future episodes, in which case live tweeting is a grand idea and everyone should follow @jerslater.”


Is it chilly in here, because I think they’re shook.

That’s only three responses out of the twelve that are included in the interview, but let’s be clear these people are not at happy about live-tweeting at all. And, I get the sense if you asked a black showrunner. . . as they name-dropped Shonda. . . you’d get a very different response.

Can Twitter be rough? Sure. Are you now getting real-time feedback from an audience you didn’t have such a direct line to before? Absolutely. Can that be terrifying? I suppose so, I wouldn’t know. But, it isn’t lost on me that while some showrunners are leaning in to the Twitterverse and engaging with live tweeters. . . other showrunners not only don’t engage, they think it’s a bad thing?

Is it because they can’t control what the audience says or does? Hmmm. . .

Meanwhile, it’s their loss because there are plenty of shows that are taking advantage and tapping into social media.

A great example is none other than Issa Rae’s new show Insecure, on HBO.

So, like. . . we’ve already talked about the fact that Black Twitter’s support of Issa Rae helped her get to where she is, right? We’re tastemakers.

Arbiters of cool

Influencers, darling.

And, whoever the powers that be are at HBO are smart enough to realize that they need to not get in between Issa and her social media following. Actually they need to support it. And, support they did.

HBO threw a block party for Insecure in Brooklyn yesterday. It was attended by yours truly.

Can I set the scene for y’all at this block party. . . because it was a scene darling.

Hashtag, I’m HBO.

Picture it. . . Sicily. . . 1921

No, I’m playing. . . but we’re in a breezy Brooklyn on a sunny afternoon in September.

The liquor is flowing. . . and free

There’s palm trees swaying in the wind, and crab cakes. . . that are delicious

Turn to my left. . . turn to my right. . . and I’m surrounded by beautiful black people

It was like a black Oasis in the middle of Brooklyn

(cuz you know, there’s like five black people left in Brooklyn . . . just saying)

Anyway. . . roll that beautiful bean footage.

So, HBO’s clearly pushing the show on social media really hard. I mean they even released the first episode early. . . which, I’ll admit I was a bit confused about, because. . .

how are we all gonna live tweet the first episode together, as a black twitter family, if we’ve all seen the first episode on our own. . . before it airs at its designated time?

I don’t know. . . but, I hope they’re successful at generating buzz for the show, because it actually looks good.

It’s got the familiar stuff you know from Awkward Black Girl. . . but, it’s better? I don’t know how to describe it, but you can definitely see and feel the difference from indy I’m-doing-this-hobby-on-my-free-time-with-the-help-of-friends to this is a big deal, there’s a budget behind this and we got kraft services on deck.

Have you seen the first episode?

First of all. . . I didn’t authorize this portrayal of a very sensitive time in my life

MY 20’s

And, . . . lssa’s best friend is me. I don’t appreciate this.

Who turns on the TV and sees their 20-something year old self staring back at them? Moi.

I didn’t ask for that. That’s rude, Issa. . . Yvonne, y’all have no regard for my feelings whatsoever.
But, I can forgive y’all. . . I’m just sensitive right now.

But, can we also get into Issa’s on-screen boyfriend portrayed by Jay Ellis?

Y’all. . . y’all

He is FOINE in real life. They make him look like a bum on the show, but he is FOINE in person.

He was at the block party. . . I was at the block party. . . I gave him a look. . . he. . .

Probably wasn’t giving me a look back, but a girl can dream. . . and a girl can write his name in script with hearts on her trapper keeper. Yes?


Might be a love connection. . . Might be my future husband. I’m just putting it out in the universe.

I mean we do make a cute couple right? Can you see it. . . can you?

He has nice lips. I have nice lips.

I’m just saying we have things in common.

All of this to say. . . I actually think Insecure is going to do well. The show has solid writing, and the soundtrack is FIYAH. Shout out to BJ the Chicago Kid . . . who also performed at the block party. . . that performance clip? That was him performing with all of us swaying and two-stepping as black folks are known to do.

But, yeah. . . are you gonna watch Insecure? Have you already watched Insecure?

Holla at ya girl. Get in those comments on goodmorningblacktwitter.com or tweet me @gmbtshow.

Let’s kick this week off with bang. . . Have a great morning Black Twitter.

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