S1 E26: Death of a Nation

airdate: 30 September 2016

It’s Genie’s favorite day of the week – a payday Friday, and in this episode she dubs DJ Envy spare host of The Breakfast Club (backed by popular vote), and (after Nate Parker says he won’t apologize for rape allegations) vows to never mention Nate Parker or Birth of a Nation ever again.

Show Transcript

Happy Friday Black Twitter!

It’s been a long week, but it’s payday, y’all!

Don’t spend it all in one place now, baby, you know rent is due. . .

What’s that?

Paying rent IS spending it all in one place?

Well damn.

Well, then today I’m gonna tweet for everyone who’s paying rent.

Are we inchea?


Now check it, there’s some things I need y’all to do for me. . . you ready?

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Second of all, I’m looking for a short story writer.

Why am I looking for a short story writer?

Well, because I have something special planned, darling.

So, if you are black, and you are a writer of short stories,


you know someone who is black and a writer of short stories. . . DM @ gmbtshow on Twitter. Now, when you DM @gmbtshow on Twitter, you’re gonna be asked to email writing samples. . . if you don’t have writing samples, I can’t consider you.

I need work to consider, nahmean. So, have that ready, then message me. And, by the way, this is a paid gig.

A work for hire.

So, if you’re good with the pen, and you need a couple coins. . . holla at ya girl.

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Okay. . . so, Wednesday, we were talking about DJ Envy’s support of Stop and Frisk policing, and I asked you who’s the spare host of the breakfast club.

And, thanks to those comments, Envy pretty much had the vote on lock


Angela Yee guest starred on Empire Wednesday night and y’all weren’t exactly enthusiastic.

I mean, it wasn’t the roast of all ages or anything, but some of y’all thought she should take acting lessons to play herself of TV.

So, I THOUGHT that would mean that Angela Yee might win the poll


DJ Envy won that bad boy hands down, with a smooooooth 66% of the vote.

Y’all don’t see it for Envy, man.

[looks around]

Y’all don’t see it for Envy like Malia Obama don’t see it for black friends.

Y’all don’t see it for Envy like Tyler Perry don’t see it for women crush Wednesday.

Y’all don’t see it for Envy like Kanye don’t see it for rational thought processes.

Hashtag no offense Kanye.

Hashtag all offense Kanye.

So, DJ Envy, I dub thee. . . spare tire of the breakfast club

[magic chime]

Guess what y’all. . . Get ready for another exciting round of BIRTH OF A NATION NEWS ITEMS!!

Stab me with a spoon, yo.

Apparently, Nate Parker did a 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper, and not only does he say he was vindicated, he says he will not apologize for the alleged rape.

Bruh. . . BRUH.

What was the point!?

What was the point of Nate Parker apologizing to the public, if he thinks he doesn’t need to apologize to the family of the woman he actually, allegedly raped?

“I’m sorry for all the women who are survivors who were hurt by my words”, he says.

But, you’re not sorry to the woman who was a survivor who was hurt by your dick? I mean, she can’t accept your apology, but since you’re doling them out, one would think apologizing to the family wouldn’t be too much to ask.

This whole thing has literally been a case of “say what they want to hear to get them to do what you want them to do”.

I mean, we’re really only a month out from him apologizing in Ebony for him to turn around and say, “I was falsely accused, I went to court, I was vindicated.”

He knows nothing, Jon Snow.

I was already through. I was already not seeing this movie. I was already like. . . let’s see what Nate Parker does in the future, and how he maybe does work to combat rape culture. . . and, I’ll let you know if I feel like supporting his movies down the line.

NOW? Don’t ask me about no Nate Parker movie.

Don’t ask me about Nate Parker anything. Mattafack, this is the very last time I’ma talk about Nate Parker on this show. He’s literally an unrepentant rapist. So, I’m not giving him a moment more.

I don’t even want that to be today’s discussion. I don’t know what y’all should tweet me about.
Tell me your weekend plans or something. Holla at me in the comments of goodmorningblacktwitter.com or tweet me @gmbtshow. Let’s talk about $200 dates or something.

Y’all have a good morning black twitter, and if I don’t see you. . . good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.

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