S1 E29: Pants on Fire

airdate: 10 October 2016

Genie’s getting through another week with the help of Bruno Mars’ new single 24k Magic, and taking everyone to task for trying to portray black women as bitter about Mike Colter having a white wife. Want to share your thoughts on the whole fiasco?

Hey, Black Twitter! Happy Monday!

I’m your host, Genie Lauren, as usual. And, today I tweet for people who know the difference between auto-tune and a talk box. Shout out to Bruno Mars.

Oh, if you don’t know the difference between auto-tune and a talk box, just go Google it real quick. I’ll be here when you get back. Promise.

Speaking of Bruno Mars, I listened to 24k Magic the entire weekend, and I’m still not sick of it.

Not even a little bit. And, I’m not ashamed.

I’m not even at the point where I’m ready to consider listening to songs that are not 24k Magic. I’m hooked. I’m drowning, but I don’t even want to be saved. Just go on without me.

Anyhoo. . . that’s enough about my addiction. Did you watch the debate last night?
I didn’t! And, I didn’t even stay for the tweets, sooooo. . . bloop. Moving on.

Today’s episode of Good Morning Black Twitter is brought to you by the letter S, which is for


You might have missed it, but there’s this thing that’s trying to happen with people claiming that black women are upset and dragging Mike Colter because he has a white wife.

btw – Mike Colter is the actor playing Luke Cage on that new Netflix show. And, of course, this *thing* was started by that sebaceous cyst known as Charlemagne the God from The Breakfast Club.

We’ve talked about Luke Cage before, so I won’t really get into the show now, but if you want to know my thoughts on the show watch episode 27 of Good Morning Black Twitter.

Okay, so Charlemagne claims that when Mike Colter went on the Wendy Williams show black women were mad when they found out he had a white wife. He then had Mike Colter “address the haters”.

And, it would’ve been one thing if it stopped there, but in the age of the internet, what ever stops there?

What is stop? The internet doesn’t know this word.

So, now we have these clickbait headlines from blogs all over the web talkmbout, “Mike Colter claps back at the haters”, and “Mike Colter defends his marriage”, and “’’Luke Cage’ star responds to criticism of being married to a white woman”.

And, there’s tweets being fired left and right, aimed at black women, admonishing us for “dragging” Mike Colter because his wife is white.

And, the funniest thing about all of this is, there were never any criticism of Mike Colter having a white wife.

[Fake laughs]


Do you wanna see the footage of Mike Colter on Wendy Williams’ show? I know you wanna see it.
Everybody’s seeing it. Let’s see it. ROLL that beautiful bean footage.

[Wendy clip]

You know what? You need to see it again, right? Let’s show it again.

[Repeat Wendy clip]

Did you happen to notice the INCREASE of applause when the photo of Mike and his wife was shown to Wendy’s audience?

They went from swooning over his new baby, to clapping it up for his wife, in a seamless transition.
Someone even wooped.

And, mind you – I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Wendy’s show, but she has a pretty diverse mix.
She’s got black people, white people, men, women, and everyone in between. . . but, somehow, Wendy’s diverse audience who clapped for Mike and his wife, became an audience of black women who are hating on Mike and his wife.

An ingrown hair named Charlemagne said it, so everybody ran with it, when it would have taken all of two minutes to fact-check that before posting some stupid clickbait.

Now, black women are being lied on for something we didn’t do.

We don’t care about your white wife, bruh.

And, anyone who did care kept their thoughts and comments to themselves – which is more than can be said for black men who have everything to say when black women partner with white men – hello, “negro bed wench”.

Black men called Kerry Washington a “negro bed wench” for being on a SHOW in which she’s partnered with a white man, meanwhile her real life husband is black!

This, “black women hate on my white wife” lie is the black man’s equivalent of white people saying that their property was vandalized with “kill whitey”, by black people.

“Those negroes spray painted ‘Black Lives Matter’ all over my church!”

Didn’t happen, bruh. Stop lying.

Black women were chilling, minding our business, worrying about OURSELVES, when people decided to lie on us.

Kick rocks and stop lying on the women who are helping your ratings.

How do you feel about this whole fiasco? Hit me up in the comments on goodmorningblacktwitter.com or tweet me @gmbtshow on Twitter.

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Let’s get this week started right, shall we?

Have a good morning, Black Twitter.

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