S1 E31: Dap Black Women

airdate: 14 October 2016

Happy Friday! In this episode of Good Morning Black Twitter Genie thanks restorative sleep, breaks down why anti-black woman messaging is never an isolated incident, and proposes a new holiday #NationalDapABlackWomanDay. Have you dapped a black woman?

Happy Friday, Black Twitter!

Once again, it is I, ya girl, Genie Lauren, back at it.

I need y’all to tweet for me today because, these past 36 hours or so have been so hard on me. I’m just glad to be here.

I woke up this morning like,

*sings Never Woulda Made It*

True story, at one point I used to sing that every Friday morning, just like that too

*repeat Never Woulda Made It*

And, today’s episode almost didn’t make it so shout out to restorative sleep.

You know how I know I was in a bad way? At one point I took a nap, because. . . well, I had no other choice, really. . . but, I took this nap and when I woke up, I realized I had my jewelry on.

I never sleep with my jewelry on. That’s a recipe for disaster!

I’d mess around and wake up looking like Ike Turner caught me slipping.

[No Bueno]

These rings are hard.
And, I slept with em on without even realizing.

Wrap me up. I’m done.

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So, y’all . . . this week. . . we can send it packing, right? Like, I’ve already put this week’s stuff in Hefty bags, and called the moving people. It’s over.

I mean, between Charlemagne lying on black women on Monday, and Roland Martin lying on us on Wednesday, this trash election picking up more garbage by the side of the road, I am over it all.

And, you know what was really annoying to watch? As per usual, whenever black women start complaining about something that black men are doing, there’s always someone to be like,

“not all black men”.

Which. . . okay, awesome. Some black men are perfect, this doesn’t change the fact that none of this is happening in a vacuum.

The community that gives us people making false claims about black women being upset over black men’s white wives is the same community where white girls who are dating those black men hop on Twitter and post photos of themselves with the caption, “retweet to make a black girl mad”.

It’s the same community that has black men going on Iyanla Vanzant’s show talking about they only date white, Asian, and latino women and then taking out their childhood frustrations on the black women in the room.

It’s the same community that has black men who’ve cheated on almost every woman they’ve been with positing themselves as relationship advice experts to tell black women that we’re no good, our standards are too high, and we don’t do enough for black men. . . while at the same time telling us, we only want thugs.

All of this is connected and related, and it is all anti-black women messaging.

It’s messaging that’s intended to not only portray us as bitter and hateful outside of the black community, but it’s also used to try to manipulate us, and beat us into submitting to any trash man who would deign to look our way just because he’s black.

And, while it doesn’t work so well, for the latter, it’s unfortunately a very well received message, for the former. People blame black women for everything.

We’re blamed for the destruction of the black family, even though we’re the ones who do the actual raising of our children.

We’re blamed for movies that didn’t actually flop, flopping.

We’re blamed for the abuse we receive at other people’s hands.

Blame black women 2016 is in full force. So, to say that these lies about black women being upset about Mike Colters wife, or Nate Parker’s wife, are just coming from one person, like they’re isolated incidents is so not true.

They are part of a larger thing in which black males use their privilege in society against black women, to cast aspersions on us, and keep us at the bottom of the totem pole.

Never mind the fact that when black women do better, the whole family does better.

Society doesn’t care about that, it’s just set up to make sure that this gendered and racialized hierarchy is intact, and that if anyone is on the bottom, it’s black women.

So yeah, think about the messaging not as single things that happen here and there. Think about how it exists with all the other crap that gets spewed about black women

Then, think about the fact that black women thrive in spite of it all, and dap a black women up today.

Can we do that? Can we make that a day?

I mean, there’s a bunch of other stupid days going on.

National hot dog day,

National coffee day, and whatever else.

Let’s claim today as National Dap a Black Woman Day.

Dap. It. Up.

Don’t just dap stranger black women, though. They might not watch the show. They don’t know what’s going on. Next thing you know, she thinks you’re tryna fight her. It could be all bad.

Just dap some black women you already know.

Dap ya mama.
Dap ya sister.
Dap the black woman at Starbucks who always spells your name wrong.

I know, it’s ridiculous at this point, you’re there every day, but dap her anyway.

Dap a black woman 2016. Let’s go. And, if you actually dap a black woman, let me know in the comments on goodmorningblacktwitter.com OR let me know on Twitter @gmbtshow.

Dap it up y’all. And, have a great weekend. I’ll see you Monday.

Good Morning Black Twitter. 😉

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