S1 E32: Dems the Breaks

airdate: 17 October 2016

In this episode Genie talks Democrats donating to the North Carolina GOP, counts down to the election, and shares another episode of “As the Timeline Scrolls”, with a story courtesy of the tweeter @MissUnfoolish. Have you ever been cheated on by someone you were taking care of?

Show Transcript

Good Morning, Black Twitter!

It is I, Genie Lauren, black by popular demand.

Today I’m tweeting for everyone who heard that the Democrats raised $13k to donate to the NC GOP and is wondering where their check is.

Show me the money, Dems. Show me the money.


Speaking of politics, we are 22 days away from this trash election being over. I’m so happy I could move to Canada.


But, I really do plan to rejoice once I don’t have to hear about anything election related ever again. . . for the next two years . . . well, really a few short months here in New York. Anyhoo, you get what I’m saying.

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Now, that THAT’S out of the way, there’s another episode of “As the TL Scrolls”.



This episode of “As the TL Scrolls” stars @MissUnfoolish in a special, one-woman show.

It all started when Miss Unfoolish found out her man was cheating on her again.


Girl. . . again. . . and, he’s broke. So, apparently, this is not the first broke man to cheat on her.


Have you ever been cheated on by someone who was basically living off of you? Tweet me, @gmbtshow.

Let’s get into this week, shall we?

Have a good morning, black twitter.

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