S1 E36: Be Better 2016

airdate: 28 October 2016

Genie wants to make America great by dismantling white supremacy (or, being allowed to shoot back at white supremacists – whichever comes first), talks Ciara’s pregnancy, the Oregon standoff verdict, and the death of Vine. Would you pay to save Twitter?

Show Transcript

Good morning, Black Twitter.

*sighs and throws hands up*


Today, I’m gonna tweet for people who are tired of living in this world, because it sucks.

*pouts and folds arms*

That’s not a cry for help, by the way. I’m not the one who needs help. This world needs help because it’s wack.

There’s no room for the both of us. It’s either the world or me. You decided, because I’m fed up.

Fully fed up.

First we had to deal with men calling Ciara a hoe for getting pregnant by her HUSBAND.

Fed up.

Then we had to deal with police attacking nonviolent Native American protestors.

Fed up.

Then we had to deal with Twitter discontinuing Vine.


I want the world to pack up and go.

[Waiting to Exhale clip]

And, then, on top of it all Cliven Bundy’s people were found not guilty. Those people who seized a federal building and should have been convicted of treason? Yeah, those people were found not guilty.

Even though they actually seized the building. . . for days.

I just . . . y’all. . . white people don’t even try to hide white privilege anymore.

They know we know.

They see us calling it out.

They watch us watch them, and do that shit anyway.

What’s it going to take for white supremacy to finally be a thing that doesn’t exist anymore?

I really need to know, because this is super frustrating. And, it’s mostly frustrating because I can’t shoot back.

Like. . . okay, if you’re telling me all bets are off now. And, people can just break federal laws, left and right, and threaten elected officials right and left. . . fine.

I am not change averse. I actually have no problem accepting change. All I want is for the change to be applied equally for everyone.

If these people get to shoot at my black ass, I want the government to recognize my right to shoot back, damnit.

This should not be hard. This isn’t asking for a lot. But, apparently the only people who get don’t have to follow the rules around here, are white men, because this country is trash.

Recognize my right to shoot back so I can make this country great again, 2016.

Try to not be trash, America.

We’re well into the fourth quarter. 2017 is up at bat.

New year, new you. Do better America, stop being trash.

Either the rules apply to everyone, or they apply to no one. Pick one, let me know, and then get out my way, in the event I need to arm myself.

It’s really that simple.

Anyhoo. . . we’re all still mourning the death of Vine and I want to have a moment of silence for our fallen soldier.

[insert Vine clip]

I didn’t really post much on Vine. Neither Vine nor Instagram were ever really my thing, but over the years Vine has been the home of some really great content and I’m so sad that won’t be happening anymore.

The site isn’t going anywhere, at least not just yet, so all the videos we love will still be available to us for . . . as long as that’s still true. But, there won’t be any new content.

Also, I don’t know if people realize but those people who used to work for Vine were laid off.

That “9% of Twitter’s staff is being cut” news we were hearing about? Yeah. . . that was probably Vine.

And, I don’t agree with this conversation that’s happening in the Tweets.
People are saying that Twitter would rather not deal with harassment, and honestly, I think that take is really short-sighted.

People who work at Twitter aren’t sitting in their office like. . . “Harrassment?! PFFT! Who gives a fuck!?”

Not at all. The problem, consistently, has been that Twitter’s monetary value relies on quantity of users, not quality of users (and, by the way, this is true for Facebook too. . . and every other social network).

If Twitter were to get rid of all the racist trolls tomorrow, it’s stock would probably plummet.

Aside: how ridiculous capitalism is, that Twitter has hundreds of millions of followers, and the ppl with power and money still think it’s not enough, because it doesn’t “grow”?

It’s enough to make me pull my hair out really.

So, it’s really a stupid situation in which Twitter has to figure out how to deal with harassment, and not also lose millions of accounts. . . otherwise, we might lose Twitter anyway.

And, if we can’t go to Twitter. . . where could you go?! I mean damn!


It’s making me sad, but I really hope someone asks Jack and the board to consider turning Twitter into a cooperative. I don’t have much money, but I would totally pony up something to buy some Twitter stock if we could make that happen. Just saying.

Would you pay up to help save Twitter, and bring back Vine? Hit me up in the comments on goodmorningblacktwitter.com or tweet me @gmbtshow.

Let’s cheer up. . . it’s Friday after all. Do it one more time for the Vine, and have a good morning black Twitter.

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