S1 E37: Happy Halloween

airdate: 31 October 2016

News has spread of top influencers attempting to broker a million-dollar deal with Vine, Soulja Boy is back in the future, and to celebrate Halloween Genie reads the short story titled “My First Place”.

Show Transcript

Happy Halloween, Black Twitter!

Tis I, Genie Lauren, here to usher you to the place where things go BUMP in the night!

[evil laugh and thunder]

Today, I’m going to tweet for the living. . . and the dead.

[ghost sound]

I’ve promised you a special episode, and a special episode you’ll get.
I hope you like ghost stories, because I have a short horror story for you, later in the show.

But, first! . . . This is still good morning black twitter, and it is still my duty to deliver the tea.


And, as I always say, whether you’re watching or listening to the show, subscribe and rate it. I’d appreciate it.

Now. . . zombies Vine videos are still taking over Twitter. They’re everwhere.

And, tweets are restless because it turns out, top Vine influencers attempted to broker a deal to create content that would drive traffic back to Vine. . . and, Vine said. . . “no kank you”.

Some people seem to think asking for $1.2MM per influencer was too much, and on one hand I’m inclined to agree but on the other. . . when you think about it, they would have technically had a deal similar to what showrunners get on traditional broadcast networks.

You give me however many millions, I give you a show that airs on Thursday nights at 9 PM.

The problem is, and has always been. . . advertiser money. Twitter doesn’t have it like Facebook has it.
That’s not to say that Vine/Twitter doesn’t have any. . . just that I can’t say for sure that they had $20MM in the couch cushions to fork over to influencers in the hopes that it would drive traffic back to the ailing app.

And, in all fairness to these influencers, they’d be doing all the work. I mean, at least, if you were a showrunner at say. . . ABC, they’d have a studio lot and equipment and venders and staff on hand, and all these little things that you wind up needing when you’re doing the work of putting together regularly scheduled programming. As far as I can tell, Vine offered none of that.

So, these influencers would be using their own time, talent, and resources to direct their audience to Vine’s app. . . it’s understandable that they’d want to be compensated for it, and fairly. I just think the powers that be looked at their budgets and decided to cut their losses.

It’s all so unfortunate.

In other news, Souljaboy is doing things and. . . I never asked to be transported back to 2007.
Like . . . did our flux capacitor break? I don’t understand how Soulja Boy is back. . . in the future.

And, he’s not even back doing things anybody wants. He’s out here dropping mixtapes with Bow Wow.

[rolls eyes]

Admitting to possibly being a child molestor in tweets. . .

[yuck face]

And, threatening to expose people whom the world, at large, don’t really rock with all the way anyway
(the gag is, I’m looking at you, Keke Palmer).

I don’t really understand why we’re dealing with any of this in 2017, but if any of you are Marty McFly for Halloween, please bring your Delorean and escort his ass back to 2007 where he belongs.

I got like $5 for gas, if you need it.

Anyhoo. . . Are you shivering with antici – . . . pation.

It’s time for the moment you’ve been dying for, a horror story.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a Good Morning Black Twitter Halloween presentation of. . . “My First Place”.

[short story audio]

That’s it for this episode. I’ll see you in the comments of Good Morning Black Twitter.com or tweet me @gmbtshow.

Have a safe and happy Halloween, Black Twitter.

[evil laugh and thunder]

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