S1 E39: Break Dem

airdate: 14 November 2016

It’s a week since we’ve elected a sentient cheese puff to the office of the President and Genie has a plan for moving forward, talks voter ID laws and supporting black women candidates, and has a read for a special group of people.

Good morning, Black Twitter.

Well, it’s been almost a week and I still can’t believe our new president is a hateful Cheeto with a ferret on top.

But, the world’s still spinning. If we don’t stop trying, we can find ourselves winning.

So, today, I’m going to tweet for people who are down, but not out.

We’re here. We’re not going anywhere. Get used to it.

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Okay, so, we have a radioactive turd in a toupee for a president. Where do we go from here?

I don’t know about you, but I definitely underestimated the effectiveness of voter suppression, and I will never do that again. At this point we still don’t know to what extent the voter ID laws worked, and we will never really know. But, there are numerous reports of hundreds of thousands of eligible voters not voting, and if voter ID laws got in the way of that, that’s something I think needs to be addressed.

So, that being said, the next election isn’t four years from now. The next election isn’t even two years from now. Many people have local elections coming up next year.


Next November.

I hate making the same mistake twice, so I plan to help the people living in states with voter ID laws obtain ID’s that would make them eligible to vote.

It would be nice if we could simply repeal these laws, but with a Republican president, a Republican Congress, and loads of Republican governors? I don’t see that happening any time soon. And, we can’t vote them out if we can’t vote. So! . . .

There is an organization called Vote Riders that I have my eye on. I can’t vouch for them yet, because I’m still doing my due diligence (I’ll put their link in the description, so you can check them out for yourself). But, if they look good and effective to me, I will be donating to them until everyone who was disenfranchised can vote again.

And, then my concern is. . . who are we voting for?

I’ve been a Democrat for 14 years (my entire adult life), and I am done with the Dem establishment. They are out of touch. They are selfish. And, they are spineless. They are more interested in working like a corporation (and with corporations) than standing up for the people who put them in office. I am tired of them.

I believe we need new blood. Fresh recruits. People who have new ideas and perspectives, and don’t all come from the same Ivy League backgrounds (not that there’s anything wrong with having an Ivy League background. Hi mommy!)

But, we need to get back to our elected officials coming from all walks of life. So, I will also be supporting an organization called Higher Heights for America (their link will also be in the description), to encourage and support more black women who are running for office for the first time.

Some talking head – who I can’t remember at the moment – said that black women are at the cornerstone of any progressive platform, or something like that. But, I don’t see why we have to wait for other people to center us.

I’m tired of waiting for other people to address our issues. I’m tired of hoping the establishment backs a candidate who gives a damn about us, only to find out they didn’t, and then we have to fight to get their attention. That approach is played out.

That’s canceled. It’s over.

The longer we wait, the more opportunities we miss.

So, that’s where my political muscle will be flexed; helping people vote, and giving them good candidates to vote for.

I know this is not the end all be all. Being represented in government is only part of the solution. But, everyone can’t do everything, and I’m choosing to apply myself in the ways I think I can be most effective. I suggest everyone else do the same.

Now, sticking with the political theme of the show today, I have a read on my spirit.

I know this show is not the read, but it’s my show and I’ma do what I want.
Who gon check me bew? Hehe.

This read is for white liberal Democrats. I am sick of your shit.

You empathize with Trump voters.
You empathize with Republican buildings.

You empathize with everyone but the people who are actually victims. You are full of shit.

And, while you publicly flagilate yourselves to look holier than thou for helping trash Republicans? Guess what? You told on yourselves.

While you were jumping to be the face of “agreeability” you have revealed you have no integrity. No political will. Not a shred of dignity. And, no moral compass at all.

All this time the Republicans have called Democrats god-less, and you got so busy tryna change your image to prove them wrong, you proved them right.

You have no god, you serve yourselves. And, being god-less isn’t even the bad thing, it’s that you won’t own up to it and admit it. Instead you pretend that you have values, and that you give safe harbor to bigots because of these so-called values. And, it is a sham.

At least Republicans actually believe the bullshit they say. You, white liberals, are a shell. Or, better yet, a sail. Limp and relying on the wind for direction. You are the worst thing any human could possibly be, and that is useless.

You are lukewarm, and I am spitting you out of my mouth, and out of the party. You cannot sit with Democrats anymore. Let the wind blow you over to the Republican’s table, and pray they let you sit with them. I have no use for you. I am done.

Okay! So, do you even want to talk about the election anymore, or do you want to move on? Wanna get something off your chest? Wanna share a joke? I’m here for it either way. Get at me in the comments of goodmorningblacktwitter.com or tweet me @gmbtshow.

I hope y’all have your seatbelts buckled, because we are in for a really wild ride. Let’s get into this week.
Have a good morning, Black Twitter.

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