S1 E42: Beef and Thief

airdate: 22 November 2016

It’s time for another episode of #AsTheTimelineScrolls. Genie talks Twitter beef between Luvvie and Shaun King, and allegations of scammers and thieves hit the timeline, but what is the truth?

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So, a blogger and a journalist walk into a bar. . .

Hehe. . . There seems to be some static between prominent tweeters @Luvvie and @ShaunKing all around the social media universe, but here’s my question. . .

Is it beef, if it’s one-sided.

Lemme backtrack.

Shaun King writes for the New York Daily News, and wrote a piece calling out people on social media for equating Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Gonna be honest, I didn’t read it. You know who did read it? Luvvie.

Or, at least, I’m guessing she read it, because she then decided to call out Shaun for doing exactly what he wrote about.

Actually, Shaun tweeted (and, I quote):

“For me, Bernie and Hillary aren’t two sides of the same coin. They are VERY DIFFERENT.

I see Trump & Hillary as two sides of the same coin.”

[side eye]

That tweet’s from June, by the way.

So, unless I missed something, Luvvie kinda has a point, but as of ___ this morning, Shaun King still hasn’t responded.

Is it beef? You decide. But, if it is beef, it’s definitely not sirloin. . . maybe it’s bologna or something.

You know what’s real beef? This latest episode of As the Timeline Scrolls.

Hit it!

[insert music]

Scammers, scammers, everywhere. Hide ya kids, hide ya wives, and hide ya wallets, cuz they’re scamming everybody out here.

First up, @JeyTheVillain, who managed to cause @CaliAtl11 to go into debt so bad she lost her home and her phone.

How, Sway? Well. . .

Jey claimed he needed Cali to rent a car and let him use it because he just got evicted and was moving from NYC.

Red flag right away.

The rental was supposed to only be $29 but Jey got a ticket in New York.


Didn’t return the car right away

Oh, brother

And, racked up $1,600 worth of fees that Cali was left to pay. . . and left begging Jey to pay her back.

Oh, girl.

Meanwhile, in all this owing Cali $1,600, Jey was still tryna holla. He basically told her she wouldn’t have this problem if she was his girl.

No, really, he said. . .

“See if you was bae you wouldn’t even have these problems girl.”

That’s a screenshot DM courtest of CaliAtl11, by the way.

I would tell you go read the tweets, because CaliAtl11 had receipts like . . .

But, both Cali and Jey have deleted most of the evidence that anything ever happened.

I guess their mentions were getting too hot, but we all know, what happens on the internet stays on the internet. Just saying.

That’s not the end of yesterday’s scampaign by the way.

That’s right, there’s more.

Because @BtSquared2 caught the spirit of revelation, and decided to put @Stone_Marley on blast for owing her friend Jourdan nineteen THOUSAND dollars.




Now, BtSquared has screenshots of a text conversation in which her friend Jourdan is begging Stone Marley for her money back – supposedly, this $19k was loaned to him for a “business venture” – and it’s been months, but no dice. . .

No dime either, really. Because, she hasn’t seen a penny back, according to her friend.

But, @BtSquared2 locked her account.

Womp womp

Stone Marley is claiming she’s not telling the whole truth.

And, Jourdan was apparently blocked by Stone Marley long ago. . . maybe for begging him for her money?

Funny enough, CaliAtl was blocked by JayTheVillain.

I’m noticing a pattern here.

By the way, does homegirl know she can take him to small claims court? I mean, shit, for $19k I feel like small claims court might even tell you to take your ass to regular court. But, I do feel like there’s gotta be something you can do to get your money back besides texting and DM-ing someone on Twitter.

Then again, this has never happened to me, so. . . what do I know?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t look like either of these ladies will get their money back – whatever is still owed – and, I’m gonna close with some wise words from Shakespeare:

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend”.

Anyhoo. . . have you allowed strangers to put you in debt? Are you blocked by someone who owes you money? Holla at me in the comments of goodmorningblacktwitter.com or tweet me @gmbtshow.
I just wanna know how this happens, really. I’m made of questions.

This episode is over, but the day is just beginning. Have a good morning, Black Twitter.

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