S1 E49: D-list

airdate: 24 January 2017

Genie shares political action plans for this year and the next, and explains celebs like Chrisette Michele putting the “dumb” in D-list.

Show Transcript
Happy Doomsday, Black Twitter.

I’m your host, Genie Lauren, tweeting for everyone who wants to stay home today, but still has to go to work in spite of the fact that a sentient can of Tang has taken over our country.

Madoff Hitler.

Cheeto Amin.

Robert Mugrabe.

I don’t even know anymore, we’re just doomed.

Chimpanzee pushing the red botton – doomed.

Russian Roulette with a loaded gun – doomed.

Blabber mouth with the nuclear codes – doomed.

Even if Trump only lasts in office for a week, Republicans are gonna do damage that we will feel the effects of for years to come. So, we’ve got work to do.

There are elections happening this year. That’s right, this year. 2017.

So, what I’ma need for y’all to do is check out Vote Riders. That’s Vote Riders dot com. Because there are still people who cannot vote, thanks to voter ID laws, and Vote Riders helps people get those ID’s.

So, let’s get these ID’s in the hands of people who need them, because first we gotta get people to vote, then we gotta get people to run.

Speaking of running, after you check out Vote Riders, the next thing you site you should head to is swingleft dot org.

Swing Left helps you locate the swing districts in your area for the 2018 House elections.

You see where I’m going with this right? If we help people get ID’s to vote, and we help them vote for Dem candidates in swing districts, we might only have to deal with a year of Republicans Gone Wild.

It’s a long year. It’s a painful year. But, it’s just a year. . . it’s better than 2 or 3 or 4 years.

So, let’s get to work. You have your orders. Leh go.

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Okay, so I don’t know who put on the bat signal for every d-list celebrity to start showing their ass on social media, but I need y’all to hit the switch, already . . . I’m tired, and you’re burning electricity.

There’s a parade of canceled celebs and I just . . . I don’t even know how you cancel a D-list celebrity, but it’s gonna happen because they’re all dumb as rocks.

You know, I thought we would only have to deal with Kanye. And, say what you want about Kanye, but I think we can all agree that . . . the rest of us aren’t working from the same plane of reality is Kanye.

I don’t know how Kanye gets to whatever realm he’s coming from, but I know for damn sure that my black ass has never been there, so I . . . give Kanye space.

But then. . . we had to hear about Steve Harvey, then Jennifer Holliday, then Chrisette Michelle, then Adina Howard, now Chrisette Michelle’s boyfriend? Girl, what? . . .

Chrisette Michelle’s boyfriend wrote an open letter to Spike Lee for firing her, in which . . . who even knows what all this is, really? All of this foolishness on these very large, very public platforms, and not a lick of it is for a sustainable check.

[“Why?” Face]

It just confirms for me that the D in “D-list” stands for dumbass.

And, I would say I hope the Trump check is worth it, but we all know Donald Trump don’t pay nobody.

Donald Trump has never met a person he liked to pay. Y’all keep tryna convince me Chrisette got a coin for singing at the inauguration, but I got $5 that says the check bounced, and you gonna have to show me receipts to prove otherwise.

[throws receipts]

D is for dummy.

And, you know, Jennifer Holliday was previously offered the gig, and was gonna sing, but then decided against, it right?

I was gonna give her the benefit of the doubt after seeing her get all teary-eyed on The View about not knowing how tense the current political climate is. . . which, by the way J. Holliday. . . how nice that must be – to be able to live in the world and not have a clue about what’s going on around you. . . but whatever, I digress.

I was gonna give her that benefit of the doubt, and then I thought about her and Chrisette and I’m like. . . nobody believes in publicists, anymore?

Nobody has someone in their corner, who’s job it is to be aware of what opportunities are good and bad for her brand, and help steer her in the right direction?

I find that really hard to believe.

And, I find that hard to believe for Chrisette too.

I feel like you don’t get this far, as a signed recording artist, without having someone on your team who says, “about that open letter . . . close it”.

Even if it’s not a publicist. There’s gotta be somebody on the team who helps these music acts handle their branding.

That these very visible celebs are behaving like they don’t have this person on their team is really just making me side-eye everyone.

Just out in the world looking dumb . . . that’s why you’re on the D-list. Hmph.

What are your thoughts on D-list celebrities entertaining Trump? Hit me up in the comments on goodmorningblacktwitter.com or tweet me @gmbtshow.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to figure out how I’m gonna punch a Nazi today. Y’all be great. Have a good morning, Black Twitter.

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